For St. Patrick's Day, we're serving up a Vintage Vanilla Malt Coffee Mocktail that uses an iced coffee recipe for the brewer! For this recipe, we recommend using a brewer with a stainless steel carafe. We used the Connoisseur Brewer for this recipe.

This beverage has a bolder coffee flavor because it uses slightly concentrated iced coffee, but it is well-balanced with the brown sugar & vanilla whipped cream and American Malt spirit. For our mocktail, we used Lyre's non-alcoholic American Malt, but you can substitute it with any malt spirit of your choice. One of our favorite mocktails, for sure! 

Vintage Vanilla Malt Coffee Mocktail (Non-Alcoholic)


Slightly concentrated iced coffee (recipe below)
8 oz whipped cream combined with 1.5 oz brown sugar & vanilla syrup
1.5 oz Lyre’s American Malt 


Iced Coffee:

  • Grind 65g of medium-dark roasted coffee for the brewer
  • Fill the brewer's water tank to the “4” line with water
  • Fill the carafe with 340 g (12 oz) of ice
  • Follow the directions in the manual to brew as usual 

Drink Build:

  1. Add the American Malt spirit to a tall glass or frosty mug
  2. Add iced coffee to the glass, leaving 2 inches of space. Give it a stir! 
  3. Top with 1-2 hefty ice cubes 
  4. Dollop with a heap of brown sugar & vanilla whipped cream. Enjoy!