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Glasses of oatmilk and bowls of oats.

"NutraMilk makes eating healthier"

"NutraMilk is the easiest to use machine for making plantbased milks and butters in minutes. And it doesn’t just make milks. It also makes butters, smoothies, salad dressings, dips, desserts, and so much more — a recipe book with more than 300 pages comes with the machine. It’s really made my non-dairy dreams come true."

Social Life Magazine

"Sustainable, Socially Conscious Gifts"

"For a splurge, consider the Nutramilk, which cuts down on packaging waste by allowing consumers to make their own nut milk and nut butters in no time (just buy your nuts from the bulk bin to cut down on packaging waste!)."


"Our Favorite Things"

"NutraMilk is the game-changing appliance changing the way we make alternative milks at home and in the shop. Make fresh additive-free milks from nuts and seeds."

Vegworld Magazine

"Best Ways to spend an Amazon Gift card"

Ryan – Amazon Customer – "This is a long way from the cheapest solution. But we wanted an easy and convenient way to make additive free nut and oat milks, and that is what this does. There are cheaper options that require more steps, but for us, time/effort was more important than cost."

"Seasonal Delights For Healthier Habits"

"Make Fresh, healthy non-dairy milks & butters with the NutraMilk fast. No soaking, straining, pulp or waste!"

Real Simple Magazine

"Make Alternative Custom Milks and Butters in 4 Easy Steps with NutraMilk"

"Using nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains of almost any variety, NutraMilk is a versatile appliance that was invented to cut out all the extra tools and time needed to make your own butters and milks."

"Nutty to Make Almond Milk?"

"Within a minute I have smooth milk. It's delicious — creamy and very nutty, with a whopping 15 per cent almond —much nicer than shop-bought alternatives, which have as little as 2 per cent nuts."

Daily Mail

"The Well+Good Holiday Gift Shop"

"Kiss your cheesecloth buh bye, because, with this baby, you’ll be able to make alt milks and nut butters in minutes without soaking or straining."


"Nut Milk Nuts"

"It’s a hybrid blender/food processor with some special features: a windshield wiper-like tool that helps circulate the product, a stainless steel mesh strainer, and a tap for dispensing the liquid. As part of the NutraMilk process, you make butter first with dry nuts or seeds, then you add water"

Cherry Bomb

"Make your own Almond Butter and Milk in Minutes"

"Why buy almond milk when you can make it yourself? Wait, we know what you’re going to say. “It takes too long!” you protest, “It’s too hard!” Complain no longer. There is a new system on the market that wants to address all your nut milk (and nut butter) making worries. It’s called NutraMilk"

Digital Trends

"I'm Absolutely Nuts Over my NutraMilk Machine"

"NutraMilk is more than just an elegantly designed non-dairy milk processor. In just minutes, it processes nuts into butters and nut butters into milk. It also can process a variety of fruits (if frozen, cut into small chunks first), oats and legumes so you can create all kinds of dishes."

Food & Nutrition

"Luxe gadgets to enhance a healthful lifestyle"

"The NutraMilk machine was created as a way to cut through the mess and create creamy and smooth nut milk in minutes. Any raw or roasted seeds or nuts — including coconut — can be used, without the need for soaking."

Los Angeles Times

"Gadgets That Make Weight Loss a No-Brainer"

"It’s pricey, but if you’re going the dairy-free route for life, it’s worth the investment. Not only can you easily make a jug of almond milk, but you can turn it into smoothies, spreads, and more. No need for soaking, straining, or patience."

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