Bonavita is excited to partner with getchusomegear on the "getchu some tea" initiative. Founded by Chris McAuley, getchusomegear is a grassroots organization collecting coffee gear to distribute to systemically excluded hourly coffee workers. Since its inception in June of 2019, getchusomegear has shipped hundreds of boxes across the United States and Canada.

Launched in February 2023, "getchu some tea" carries the same mission as the founding vision of getchusomegear, but with a focus on tea and tea making supplies. The getchu some tea program was developed from a growing number of community requests from cafes focused on creating more intentional tea programs, and honoring and highlighting the history, culture, and proper preparation of the beverage. 

For the first round, getchusomegear has partnered with Bonavita to distribute variable temp kettles to every recipient that requests one. Other tea companies, including Spirit Tea, White2Tea, Hugo Tea, and Jesse's Tea House, have also donated free tea or wares to make the project happen. The first round of gear features a gongfu tea kit: 100ml gaiwan, teacup, standard steeper from Spirit Tea, 200g of tea, tea-turial zine via Ash Barton, and Bonavita variable temp kettle.

In the coming months, the getchu some tea program will also feature group tastings, live chats, and educational tea videos for recipients. You can follow getchusomegear to learn more and apply for the next round of gear.