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a simpler life

At Bonavita, we’re on a mission to help you experience the good life. And that means creating exceptional kitchen appliances that bring quality and simplicity to your mornings. Our range of coffee brewers and nut processors create simple, enriching and delicious morning experiences without the fuss. Products thoughtfully designed to start your day right —all in one place.

Setting the industry benchmark

In 2012, Bonavita brewers were among the first to be Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Certified and meet the Golden Cup Standard used to measure coffee quality. As a result, our brewers helped set the standards for SCA Certification and were instrumental in educating the public about the Golden Cup Standard, paving the way to why it’s now a popular term for people searching for exceptional home brewers. 

Since then, we have been designing brewers to that same universal standard for superior coffee. Our coffee brewers are used by World Coffee competitions for taste calibration.

Your home cafe

Enjoyed in homes worldwide

Trusted by families to bring them easy-to-use kitchen products that are solidly built, Bonavita delivers products that will be in your home for years to come. High quality and affordability go hand-in-hand for a world-class coffee maker and a ground-breaking nut processor with simple designs. Less hassle, better mornings.

The Reviews Are in

Yay! It actually is amazing!

The unit is very well made and sturdy and it makes a fantastic smooth cup of coffee, the grind at the end is absolutely perfectly saturated.

We love this coffee maker!

I highly recommend this coffee maker if you really love coffee, are not a total coffee snob and just want something delicious and simple!

It's that machine that makes the perfect milk.

I've tried all the ways and other machines and until I purchased this I've never had such creamy homemade milk so easy and quick.

Community support

We're people people

Bonavita believes in supporting people around the world. A connection between communities is a valuable and strong bond that raises everyone up. Three global charities receive Bonavita’s support …

@Getchusomegear puts coffee gear in the hands of marginalised coffee professionals around the country for free.

World Central Kitchen provides meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. 

Kyaffe Farmers of Uganda empowers women through coffee: they give training and buy coffee from the women at fair trade prices. (Watch video below)

Bonavita proudly supports these important charities.

Bonavita supports

Kyaffe Farmers of Uganda

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