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"The Enthusiast offers the best ratio of flavor to effort."

In our tests to determine the best drip coffee maker, we found that this brewer made some of the best coffee of all the ones we tried, producing a nuanced, well-balanced pot. The coffee maker has a handsome and nicely compact design, with a well-made thermal stainless steel carafe that pours easily and keeps coffee hot for hours.

Wirecutter, The New York Times

"Best User-Friendly" Coffee Brewer

"It has lots of straightforward buttons for things like brewing and descaling, so you know exactly what to do and what to press. It even takes the guesswork out of when the coffee is ready — when the brew is done, it will let out a little chime sound so you know when it’s time to pour yourself a cup."

Best Small Drip Coffee Makers

“It offers a simple pre-infusion mode, which is cool. Pre-infusion, or bloom, dispenses a little water to start, lets that hot water get some of the carbon dioxide out of the coffee and then continues with the rest of the brew; that’s a technique used in most manual pour-over brewing to brew more evenly, and it’s cool to have it in an Auto-drip machine.”

New York Post

"Love At First Sight"

"The double-walled glass means it retains water temperature when brewing and the ribbed swirling design on the inside helps each cup extract well and slowly. It is my go-to brewer these days."

The Best Scale for Beginners

"If you are new to pour over coffee, the Brewista Ratio scale is a great one to look at. It has a variety of features designed to help you get more comfortable with pour over coffee including a ratio calculator, pouring cadence tracker and more."

"We found the carafe easy to use..."

"...and we liked that it has a controlled pour from the spout with the lid — on or off. The carafe is double-walled, so the outside does not get hot to the touch, and the water reservoir has a removable lid that makes adding water very easy. Also, the reservoir itself lifts up and off of the machine for easier filling."

Food & Wine

Bonavita 8 cup thermal brewer on a marble counter.

"The Best Drip Coffee Maker"

"Although even a cheap drip coffee maker can fulfill your basic need for a big, hot pot of coffee first thing in the morning, only a great machine will ensure that your pot consistently tastes delicious."

Wirecutter, The New York Times

"Do you really love coffee if you don't have a gooseneck kettle?"

"You can get a really good cup of coffee from a drip coffee maker. But if you're about to get into the nitty gritty of pour-over coffee, you're going to need a gooseneck kettle."

"Brewing Excellent Coffee for a Reasonable Price"

"Automatic, affordable coffee makers that brew quality drip are hard to find. What comes out of cheap machines is usually awful stuff. Enter the Bonavita Metropolitan 8-cup Brewer..."


A cup of coffee sits on a blue napkin.

"The Best Simple Coffee Maker: Bonavita 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer"

"The Bonavita is one of the faster models we tested, and it earned high scores in nearly all of our tastings."

Serious Eats

Man working on a computer whilst drinking a coffee.

Men's Journal 'Gear of the Year' award

"Rigorous, pre-market testing has earned the newest Bonavita electric brewer SCAA Brewer Certification honors, a classification that’s noted and respected by culinary, beverage and consumer experts. CNET has also honored the BV1900TS as an “Editor's Choice” and a “Best Buy”.

Men's Journal

Digital Trends magazine recommends bonavita coffee brewers

"The best coffee makers you can buy"

"Possibly the last drip-coffee machine you’ll ever want to own, Bonavita’s 1900TS aims to revolutionize the at-home coffee experience. The 1900TS takes up little more than a sliver of real estate in your kitchen with its incredibly compact design, which prevents it from sticking out like a sore thumb."

Digital Trends

"The Specialty Coffee Association does not pull punches when testing the coffee makers that eventually wind up in your kitchen."

"The certification program provides a set of standards for brewers to meet. Perhaps the most significant is something the called the Golden Cup."

Gear Patrol

"Bonavita’s Winning Coffee Combo"

"The sleek and chic kettle allows for pinpoint precision with ease. Simply fill the stainless steel body with water and use the intuitive digital control panel on the base to select a temperature. Your water heats quickly and remains at that exact temperature for up to an hour."

Cooking Light

"The Best Coffee Gear for Every Type of Java Freak"

"There’s a single name in getting boiling water for coffee, and it’s Bonavita. The company revolves around making your coffee (and tea) better, and is best known for its gooseneck—the name given to the curved spout—kettles."


"Best Coffee Maker Overall. Delicious Coffee With Minimal Fuss"

"The Connoisseur offers one-touch brewing for people who don’t want to mess around with settings in the morning, and it has an optional pre-infusion mode that gives coffee grounds time to bloom."

A cup of coffee viewed from above. CBS review recommends Bonavita.

Bonavita’s Programmable Coffee Brewer Featured On CBS’s Daytime Emmy Award-Winning Talk Show THE TALK

"Demanding coffee lovers look to Bonavita for quality and simplicity in their coffee brewing. Today the smart and savvy, Emmy Award-winning talk show featured one of Bonavita’s newest automatic brewers."

CBS - The Talk Show

Bonavita BV 1900TS review: "Superb coffee-making at an amazing price"

"Not only does the new Bonavita BV1900TS offer the same level of vaunted coffee-making performance, it costs less than fearsomely good rivals. Additionally, this appliance from Bonavita is a breeze to use, which puts it way ahead of complex drip brewers."


Los Angeles Times review recommends Bonavita. Woman cradling a black coffee mug.

"For coffee geeks, the latest electric pour-over kettle"

"The latest Bonavita Electric Pourover Kettle, now with incremental temperature control and one-hour hold time ‘with a ridiculously small temperature variance."

Los Angeles Times

"This year, Bonavita has upped the ante:

...they’ve created a pour over kettle with incremental temperature control and one-hour hold time with a ridiculously small temperature variance. This is the first commercial UL listed electric kettle, so its designed to be used behind the bar. You know darn well you’d love one on your countertop!"

The Coffee Compass review recommends the Bonavita variable temperature kettle.

"Hi-Tech coffee gadgets for advanced brewologists"

"The Variable Temperature Kettle goes one step further: you set the temperature you want the water to be and it will stay  at that temperature. Coffee television personality Todd Carmichael went so far as to glue the unit to the base of his kettle, which helped him win the Northeast region of the 2014 Brewers Cup. I’ve noticed a discernible improvement in my home brews since switching to the Variable Temperature Kettle."

The Coffee Compass

"Bonavita's Connoisseur Coffee Maker is its best brewer yet."

"There's one button, that's it. It's more of a switch that's small, round, and button-shaped. Flipping it on kick-starts the brewing process. Pressing the switch down for five seconds activates (and deactivates) the pre-soak function."

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