At Bonavita, we’re on a mission to help you experience the good life. And that means creating exceptional kitchen appliances that bring quality and simplicity to your mornings. That is why we’re excited to merge our sister brand, NutraMilk, into the Bonavita family. With the introduction of the Nutramilk nut processor into the Bonavita range of products, we can now bring you more products thoughtfully designed to start your day right —all in one place.

Since 2017, the award-winning NutraMilk nut processor has been making it easier for people to save time, money and the planet, while taking control of the healthier lifestyle they dream of. With our customers’ growing desire to enjoy daily life with simplicity, it made sense now more than ever to merge NutraMilk into the Bonavita brand. As a complement to our range of coffee brewers and kettles, you can now make fresh, wholesome, nutrient-dense alternative butters and milks from any nut, seed and more in your own home, in minutes.

Now that’s what we call a good morning, every morning.


What happens to my NutraMilk order?

Any orders in process will not be affected. You will still receive your purchase as scheduled.

What happens to the warranty on my NutraMilk nut processor?

Your warranty will remain unaffected and will be valid until the original expiration date.

Will my NutraMilk welcome email promo code work on the Bonavita website?

Yes, we will accept your NutraMilk welcome email promo code on the Bonavita website.

Will my Abandoned Cart or Post-Purchase email promo codes work on the Bonavita website?

Unfortunately, your personalized promo code from the Abandoned Cart or Post-Purchase email will no longer work. However, feel free to use your original NutraMilk Welcome email promo code on the Bonavita website.

Will there be a difference in the NutraMilk products that will be sold under Bonavita?

No, there will be no difference. We will continue to offer the full range of NutraMilk products on Bonavita, including parts and accessories.

I loved the NutraMilk recipes! Will I still be able to access them?

Yes! All of the recipes and tips you’ve come to know and love can be found on the Bonavita website. We’ll continue to add more recipes each week!

Will your customer service hours and support change?

You will still receive the same customer experience from the same support team! Our support team hours will remain Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm PST. We’ll be here to help!

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