While gooseneck kettles are often spotted at your local cafe with baristas working their magic at the coffee bar, gooseneck spouts are also uniquely suited for morning brews at home. The flavors of your french press, pour over, and even AeroPress coffee are dialed up a notch when using the control and precision that gooseneck kettles offer. Here is a closer look as to why.

  1. A gooseneck spout is designed to give you complete control over the flow rate of hot water. When you pour water over coffee grounds, the water extracts certain compounds from the coffee. The speed of your pour will determine how evenly those compounds are extracted. This is especially important for pour over coffee, which requires a slow, steady pour to ensure that each part of the grounds is saturated evenly. The gooseneck spout allows you to pour water at a smooth and consistent pace, no matter what flow rate you're pouring at.

  2. More accuracy with where you're pouring water on the grounds. When water is poured evenly over the grounds, all of the coffee is wetted allowing water to evenly seep through the grounds. This ensures a balanced extraction and a smooth, consistent cup of coffee. For pour over coffee, pouring in a circular motion allows for even saturation of the coffee grounds and extraction of the compounds.

  3. Starting and stopping the pour is easier. Pour over coffee recipes prescribe how much water to pour at certain times during the brew. For the recipe to work, you need to be able pour the water in just the right amount of time to get the total brew time to where you want it. This is where the ease of starting and stopping the pour comes into play with the gooseneck design.

  4. Spill-free pour control. The smooth and consistent pour that comes from a gooseneck spout also means there is no spilling of water - from your AeroPress, french press, or pour over dripper. That means less mess and less to clean.

  5. Easy grip handle for comfortable handling. The handle for the gooseneck kettle is very important, as it balances the weight of the kettle and allows for you to control the tempo of your pour. The handle of the Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle is specially designed to compliment the smooth pour from the gooseneck spout.

  6. Variable temperature control means precise temperature for better brewing. Many gooseneck kettles now come with variable temperature control, and the Bonavita Kettle is no exception. With the Bonavita 1.0 Liter Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle you can time, maintain and control the temperature of your water from 140° to 212°F. That means the perfect temperature, the perfect brewing, and the perfect cup of coffee, every time. Water also stays at your desired temperature for up to an hour so your coffee is ready when you are, no waiting around.

A closeup of the gooseneck spout of a kettle pouring water over coffee grounds.