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By Florencia Tagliavini, The NutraMilk Nutritionist

Seeds are incredibly nourishing and are full of valuable nutrients; such as essential amino acids, heart-healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, phytosterols, vitamins, and minerals. They are so nutrient-dense that you don't really need to eat a lot of them. Just a little goes a long way and can give your diet a nutritional upgrade.

Naturally cholesterol free, gluten free, low in saturated fat and with a low glycemic-index score, they can pretty much fit in any type of diet. Anyone on a cardio-protective diet, paleo, raw, vegan, and diabetic diet as well since these powerful seeds can slow down the release of energy to help keep blood sugar levels stable.

Standout Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Calories per serving: 104 kcal in 2 tablespoons.
Notable nutrients: Phytosterols, lignan antioxidants, iron, copper & manganese.

Sunflower Seeds

Calories per serving: 67 kcal in ¼ cup.
Notable nutrients: Vitamin E, B complex vitamins & selenium.

Pumpkin Seeds

Calories per serving: 158 kcal in 2 tablespoons.
Notable nutrients: Protein, zinc & magnesium.

Chia Seeds

Calories per serving: 138 kcal in 2 tablespoons (dry).
Notable nutrients: Fiber and calcium.

Flax Seeds

Calories per serving: 74 kcal in 2 tablespoons (ground).
Notable nutrients: Fiber and alpha-linoleic acid (ALA).

Hemp Seeds

Calories per serving: 166 kcal in 3 tablespoons.
Notable nutrients: Gamma linoleic acid (GLA), protein & magnesium.

The combination of all the nourishing nutrients that seeds contain may contribute to a wide range of potential health benefits which include helping to keep our heart healthy and our body disease-free.

How to include seeds in your diet?

Enjoy the nutrition of seeds by easily using The NutraMilk!

  • Seed milks: Have you tried vanilla hemp milk?
  • Seed butters: Choose to make a simple butter like simple sunflower butter or one of the many recipes from the NutraMilk recipe book like roasted pistachio butter to spread over toast, crackers, fresh veggies or use them to enrich sauces.
  • Smoothies: Try the sunflower banana smoothie or how about the hemp coconut smoothie?
  • Dips and spreads: One of my personal favorites is the miso sesame spread.
  • Sprinkle them on just about anything: salads, smoothie bowl, hot or cold cereal, yogurt, add them to any product you are baking (bread, cookies) or to top off any meal with seeds to enhance flavor, texture, and nutrition.
Check out our NutraMilk recipe book for over 300 delicious and nutritious ideas!