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Images and recipe by Alphafoodie

Learn how easy is to make homemade Coconut oil with this simple recipe from Alphafoodie using the NutraMilk!

*Servings 1 cups


  • 5 mature coconuts
  • 7 cups filtered water


  • Beginning with your whole coconuts, you're going to want to crack them open with a small hammer. *

  • The next step is to extract the coconut meat from the shell. To make this super easy-peasy, simply place the coconuts in the oven for 10 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius. You can then use a coconut tool to easily remove the meat. However, feel free to simply use a knife/ any sharp tool, if that's all that you have to hand.

  • The next step is to make coconut milk. To do this, you need to blend the coconut meat and filtered water in the Nutramilk processor for between 1-2 minutes. Although there will still be lots of coconut pulp, you'll find there is also a lot of coconut milk now too.

  • To separate the mixture, simply Press dispense, press start, and open the spigot to pour the homemade coconut milk. (Optional,use a nut milk bag and allow the homemade coconut milk to gather in a large bowl). The remaining coconut pulp can then be dried out and used within all sorts of baked recipes.

  • Pour this coconut milk into a heavy-based pan and heat it on a low, consistent heat.** .

  • While heating, the water will evaporate from the coconut milk mixture. The coconut will begin to get crumbly in texture and solidify. This is when you'll begin to notice the oil separating from the solids. This process can easily take between 1-2 hours, if not more. So just be patient! (All good things come to those who wait, after all!)

  • Once the mixture has completely separated into the solids and the oil, simply gather all the solids and discard them. Then pour the remaining oil through a strainer, into an airtight container, making sure to press down on the solids to release as much oil as possible. This can then be kept in the fridge.

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