5-Cup 1500 Stainless Carafe

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Mark Mohrmann
Five Stars for the Bonavita 5 Cup Machine!

I’d never heard of Bonavita but after doing the research and reading dozens of reviews I decided to give the Bonavita 5 Cup Coffee Maker a shot. I was doubtful that I would see much difference between the machine I was using at the time and the Bonavita, but after brewing my first cup I was sold. This machine makes GREAT COFFEE! It heats water to the right temp to get the most from your beans. The pour spout provides a clean, drip free pour. I love this thing. When I noticed an issue with the carafe, I reached out to Bonavita. They quickly responded and replaced it within a week. The Bonavita 5 Cup Machine makes great coffee and Bonavita stands by their products with a solid warranty and great customer support. Thank you!

Frank Miller
Great Coffeemaker

Great coffeemaker and top-notch customer service. Carafe replaced promptly when there was a problem. I recommend the product and company.

Much Improved Replacement

After using my faithful brewer almost daily for 6 years, it was time to replace the carafe. SO glad I did. The newer carafe pour a bit better (getting more liquid out) than the one that came with the machine! Great to have a fresh carafe, as the machine is still going strong!

Robert Hawney
nice machine

I seldom make more than 5 cups of coffee so this is right size for me. I have friends with larger version and they also love theirs.


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