At Bonavita, we’re on a mission to help you experience the good life. And that means creating exceptional kitchen appliances that bring quality and simplicity to your mornings. That is why we’re excited for our sister brand, NutraMilk, to join the Bonavita family. With the introduction of the NutraMilk nut processor into the Bonavita range of products, we can now bring you more products thoughtfully designed to start your day right —all in one place.

Since 2017, the award-winning NutraMilk nut processor has been making it easier for people to save time, money and the planet, while taking control of the healthier lifestyle they dream of. As a complement to our range of coffee brewers and kettles, you can now make fresh, wholesome, nutrient-dense alternative butters and milks from any nut, seed and more in your own home, in minutes.

Now that’s what we call a good morning, every morning.

NutraMilk® Nut Processor with Butter & Smoothie Bowl

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Dishwasher Safe

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Less Waste

BPA Free

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Do you love fresh nut milk, but you don’t love the tedious process of making it at home? Are you tired of soaking nuts for hours or overnight only to have your nut milk last for a few days? Do you prefer nut milk that has no additives or emulsifiers? We understand. That's why we developed the NutraMilk.

Butter and smoothie bowl included. Nutramilk processor only available here

Learn more about The NutraMilk

NutraMilk’s patented, revolutionary method of making delicious, healthy nut milk from virtually any type of nut makes the once tedious process simple and fast.

With NutraMilk, you can make up to two liters of your favorite nut milk in less than 12 minutes, compared to the hours or days it takes using other methods, and at half the cost. Unlike any other nut processor, its revolutionary design is patented, BPA free and CETL certified, so you know it’s safe to use right away.

Gone are the days of it taking hours to make your own nut milk and butter. Forget soaking, grinding and straining nuts for the milk that you want. Whether you need cashew milk for your coffee, nut butter for your celery or toast or want to create your own unique nut milk blend for a healthy snack or beverage alternative, NutraMilk is for you.

What's Included
  • The NutraMilk Nut Processor
  • The Butter & Smoothie Bowl Set designed for making and serving delicious alternative butters and smoothies!
  • A copy of 200 DELICIOUS & HEALTHY RECIPES for your NutraMilk from Nuts, Seeds, Grains & More by Rita Rivera
  • Cleaning Brush
Commercially Certified

Commercially tested in the busiest kitchens the world over, you can rely on our game-changing processor to help keep your home ticking over. Businesses work hard to keep their customers happy, customers who demand the healthiest, nutrient dense dairy alternatives. The NutraMilk is a great investment for your home that will provide only the best nutrient-rich milks and butters on demand, every day.

Technical Details
  • Capacity: Produces up to 2 liters of alternative milk. Processes up to 5 cups of nuts for up to 3 cups of alternative butter
  • Motor: 120V, 320W, 3/4hp, 1800 RPM
  • Low db. running motor (65 dBa.)
  • On/Off Switch with red light indicator
  • Safety mechanism
  • LCD display
  • 4 suction cup feet on base prevent slipping
  • Clear dishwasher-safe, BPA-free Tritan Canister
  • Water level indicator
  • Built-in dispensing spigot
  • Photo-etched stainless steel filter emulsifies the alternative butter in water filtering out fine particles resulting in a smooth, rich alternative milk
  • Stainless steel double cutting blade
  • CETL Certified

US Patents: D850,221, 10,334,986
Chinese Registered Design Patents: 201730428639.4, 201730531938.0
Australian Utility Patent: 2017024733


The Nutramilk® fans worldwide say...

“As a chef I use the nut butters as a base for plant-based butter, ice cream and milk.”

Benjamin Goldman, Chef de Cuisine Planta South Beach

“It's that machine that makes the perfect milk.

I've tried all the ways and other machines and until I purchased this I've never had such creamy home made milk so easy and quick.”


“I am impressed with the build and design. The bowls are made to last and the NutraMilk® is easy to use and clean!”

Steve Guttierez


No more tamping

The unique motorized wiper arms push the food down, so there’s no need to stop and tamper down ingredients.


No more soaking

Making homemade non-dairy milks can take several time-consuming steps including soaking and straining. NutraMilk is a one of a kind processor that removes the tedious need for soaking and straining – meaning nutritious alternative milks and butters can be made in just minutes!

makes butters in minutes

No more waiting

Our patented technology means no other food processor makes nut and seed butters quicker, with less mess and less waste. Perfect for your busy lifestyle.


No more straining

The stainless steel filter and doubled inner/outer Tritan container filters out fine particles such as nut or seed skins, resulting in a smooth, creamy non-dairy milk.

For a healthier lifestyle

Nutramilk parts being loaded into a diswasher.

Easy to clean & dishwasher safe

Not only does the NutraMilk make non-dairy milk and butters quickly and easily, it’s also super-easy to clean and its parts are completely dishwasher safe.

The Nutramilk processor with some freshly made coconut milk.

Award-winning design proven in commercial kitchens

The powerful, long-lasting motor and robust blades make the NutraMilk a reliable workhorse that’s been put to the test in the world’s busiest cafes, restaurants and hotel kitchens.

Various nut milks on a marble kitchen counter.

Less wasted food saves money and the environment

Sustainable and eco-conscious, the NutraMilk is cost-effective and great for the environment. With virtually no pulp left over except the skins of nuts/seeds, there’s less waste and more nutrition.

The Nutramilk being switched on.

Simple to get started, easy to use

Easy to understand controls makes NutraMilk a quick and simple way to create nutritious alternatives to store-bought milk and butters in your own kitchen!

The Nutramilk recipe book on a kitchen counter.

Free 200-page food and drink recipe book

We’ve worked with top nutritionists to develop hundreds of fresh, healthy and versatile recipes, loaded with dietary benefits depending on your needs.

Various different nut and seed butters on display.

Extract the nutrients your body needs

Mix and match blends of nuts, seeds, superfoods and more. Whatever your dietary requirements, you can take control of exactly what goes into your body.


Healthy Kid's Snacks

Choosing good snacks can give your kids the energy they need between meals and contribute essential nutrients for growth and development. Use the Nutramilk to whip a snack up in a flash!



NutraMilk isn't just for us humans. Care for your pet with nutritious food and treats without all the filler that most pet foods companies add.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Shahin Modarai
I bought as gift later I might buy for my self


John Lazar
First Impressions

Very easy to use machine. It makes perfect almond milk in a very short time. Highly recommended.

Althea Hines
Nutramilk nut processor with butter bowl

Great product! Enjoying macadamia, almond and walnut milk and butter.

Donna Williams
My favorite appliance!

Our NutraMilk machine makes creamy, smooth nut milks and the creamiest nut butters! We are really enjoying this versatile must have appliance. Thank you

My Favorite Kitchen Appliance

I e had my Nutramilk for about two years and use it weekly. It’s my favorite kitchen appliance and I can’t imagine my life without it. Overall, it’s easy to clean, except for the filter part that tends to break after a while and get clogged with nut debris.

I have the butter and smoothie bowl, but i I’m honestly have never used it. I typically just make my butter in the main container (which is maybe why my filter only lasted about two years).

Overall, I’d highly recommend this product!