Take Your Coffee to the Next Level with These Add-Ins

Just about every coffee lover has tried flavors like vanilla and hazelnut, but what about coconut and cayenne pepper? When it comes to coffee variations, the sky’s the limit, so why not get creative and experiment with one of these 10 diverse ingredients?

A spoonful of butter sits atop a mug filled with coffee.

1. Melted Chocolate

As any mocha fan is sure to tell you, coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven! For a richer, creamier take on traditional mocha, try melting a small piece of chocolate and stirring it into your coffee. Dark chocolate pairs incredibly well with coffee flavor-wise, not to mention it's loaded with antioxidants.

2. Ginger

If gingerbread cookies are your favorite holiday treat, a little ginger in your coffee is sure to leave you feeling extra merry. Add a few slices of raw ginger root or a teaspoon of ginger powder for a drink that’s both delicious and excellent for clearing out your nose and throat—perfect for the cold winter months!

3. Butter

Okay hear us out... As bizarre as it may sound, countless coffee lovers across the globe swear by butter in their coffee. In addition to lending extra flavor, butter is theorized to enhance the energy boost provided by coffee, preventing you from crashing later on. It also increases feelings of fullness, which may aid in weight loss. 

4. Salt

While salt in coffee may seem like an odd choice at first, remember that combining salty and sweet flavors is nothing new—After all, who doesn't love salted caramel? Salt decreases the bitterness of coffee, so if you prefer a milder taste, salt might be the perfect solution for you!

5. Coconut

Sweet tooths, take note: A hint of coconut can elevate your coffee from dull to delightful! Not only is coconut oil healthier than sugar-filled creamers, but it also adds a sweet flavor reminiscent of coconut-based desserts, especially when combined with coconut milk.

6. Citrus Fruits

Citrus isn't a flavor typically associated with coffee, but you might be surprised at just how well it works. Much like salt, citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and orange reduce the bitterness of coffee, leaving it with a fresher, sweeter flavor. They’re also great for the immune system!

7. Cayenne Pepper

Give new meaning to the phrase “hot coffee” by adding a pinch of cayenne pepper. As crazy as it may seem, the spice provides a pleasantly warm sensation, not unlike cinnamon. Just be careful not to use too much!

8. Tonic Water

Espresso with tonic water is a rising star in the world of coffee not only because of how aesthetically pleasing it is but also for its cool, refreshing taste. This summery treat is best enjoyed with simple syrup and—if you're feeling extra adventurous—a splash of orange juice.

9. Raw Egg

We know that Raw egg may sound far from appetizing, especially when combined with coffee but trust us. The heat of the coffee kills off bacteria, so there’s no need to worry about salmonella, and the egg provides a quick and easy serving of protein if you don’t have the time to eat a proper breakfast. Adding some condensed milk here makes for a surprisingly delicious frothy delight!

10. Cheese

We saved the most unusual coffee add-in for last—cheese! While primarily unheard of in the USA, coffee with cheese is widely enjoyed in countries like Sweden and Colombia. For the best possible experience, use a cheese that is mild in flavor and firm enough to not melt in the coffee. It may seem crazy, but why not give it a shot? As “cheesy” as it may sound, trying something new might just change your whole view of your favorite morning beverage!